Social Restructuring & International Mobility

Individual working relationships

  • Advice on the choice of employment contract types (permanent contracts, fixed-term contracts, temporary contracts, etc.);
  • Assistance in the negotiation and drafting of new employment contracts;
  • Review and harmonization of existing labor contracts (in particular mobility, non-competition, training and confidentiality clauses, etc.);
  • Drafting of wage portage contracts;
  • Day-to-Day follow-up – Legal Opinion on the daily social issues of a company;
  • Compensation, salary savings and employee shareholding;
  • Status of managers.

Social relations & collective negotiations

  • Elaboration of rules of procedure and validation by the administrative organs;
  • Implementation and follow-up of the collective agreements;
  • Legal assistance for the organization of professional elections and establishment of the staff representative bodies and management of electoral disputes;
  • Social dialogue and mediation.

Social audit

Review of social law issues affecting the employees of a target Company, in the light of local regulatory environment, including:


  • Review of standard employment contracts (mainly, sensitive clauses: “golden parachute” clause, mobility clause, remuneration clause, non-competition clause, etc.);
  • Structure and composition of the representative institutions of the company staff (group, company and institutions committees, staff representatives, central union representatives, health, safety and working conditions committees, …);
  • Social status within the company and specially : remuneration, working time and leave terms, classifications, severance payments and notice periods;
  • Social liabilities evaluation;
  • Implementation of remediation procedures.


With its multiple partnerships at the international level, the Firm regularly intervenes, along with foreign Colleagues, as a Local Counsel, as part of transnational acquisition projects.

Change & restructuring management

  • Management of the social impact of legal (mergers and acquisitions, disposal of business segments), or operational structure modification of the company (outsourced activities);
  • Evaluation of the financial and tax impact of social restructuring;
  • Legal support of the staff restructuring operations , in a Project Mode (determining strategy, timetable implementation, supporting negotiations);
  • Elaboration of the restructuring plan;
  • Legal formalization of staff transfers – Elaboration of information documents and documents for the transfer of employment contracts.

International mobility

  • Advice on secondment or expatriation choice;
  • Evaluation of legal, social and tax impact of the selected option;
  • Preparation of visa applications for foreign employment contracts and follow-up of the administrative procedures;
  • Tax optimization, regarding international mobility.

Social Litigation and arbitration

  • Pre-litigation management of disciplinary proceedings and dismissal procedures for serious misconduct;
  • Representation before the labor inspection services, regarding conciliation procedures;
  • Representation before social Courts, regarding individual legal disputes;
  • Social arbitration and arbitral awards enforcement.

Intra-company training

The Firm organizes regular training courses for HR teams, within corporate clients, in terms of employment contract regulation, and individual and collective relations management.


The Firm works in collaboration with international partners and specially:

  • IUS LABORIS international network, specialized in labor law issues;
  • MAGELLAN Network, a professional hub of networking, exchange and information for International Human Resources Managers, International Mobility, compensation and social benefits (See website:

Our Firm has been approved, as a contributive expert, by MAGELLAN Network and thus, collaborated to the elaboration of “Maroc” Guide and its regular updating.


  • The Firm also performs studies on regulatory strategic issues for The World Bank, the European Commission.
  • It collaborated in the drafting of the New Labor Code and its implementing Decrees, in the social commission of the General Confederation of Moroccan Entreprises (CGEM).
  • Other significant contributions: Participation in the collective work: « Hiring the best qualified and most talented employees: handbook and global recruiting, screening, testing and interviewing criteria » edited by KLUWER LAW INTERNATIONAL – February 2008.