Patrice Mouchon (of Counsel)
Attorney at the Paris Court of Appeal
Arbitrator and Mediator

Key Qualifications:


Patrice Mouchon has a solid experience in the reorganisation of numerous french and multinational groups in sectors as varied as the automobile industry, air transport, chemical industry, mining, banking, mobile telephony and services, both in business law and labour law.


His activity has led him to advise and defend financial and industrial operators in Africa and especially in the Arab world.


He has participated in numerous arbitration and mediation proceedings in disputes between European, Arab and African companies.


In arbitration matters, he has in particular obtained awards from the court of arbitration of the international chamber of commerce, on the scope of the concept of “Riba” on the basis of malekite Muslim Law which is an integral part of the Law of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania.


Patrice Mouchon has been working for almost 30 years in the framework of humanitarian associations, notably for the sovereign order of Malta.


Decoration: commander of the order of merit of the sovereign order of Malta.


Practical languages: French – English – Arabic.


Professional Background:


Attorney Patrice Mouchon is the president of the mediation and arbitration centre of the French-Arab Chamber of Commerce.


He was formerly assistant to the representative of France at the Commission for Migrant Workers at the European Commission (1969-1973).


He has been admitted to the Paris bar in 1973.


Associate then partner of the Law Firm Martin, Stabush, Mouchon, Pele-Gouteyron (1973-1984).


In 1985, he has founded Davies et Mouchon Law Firm in Paris, and, since then, has been partner of Weinberger, Singer PC Law Firm, in New York.


Attorney Patrice Mouchon is member of the board of examiners and lecturer at the Pantheon-Assas Paris II University as well as lecturer at the Bar Training School, correspondent of the ministry of foreign affairs for the training of jurists from the Arab and African world, particularly in the field of arbitration and mediation.


Founding President of the Presence and Action Committee of the Paris Bar (1976-1978).


Former secretary and co-founder of the external relations commission of the Paris Bar association (1978-1989).


Former member of the consultative Committee of the European Bars in charge of communication issues.


Member of the external relations Committee of the Paris Bar Association (2012-2014) under the chairmanship of Christiane Feral-Schuhl.


President of the mediation and arbitration centre of the French-Arab Chamber of Commerce since 2008 until today. Administrator of the federation of arbitration centres in charge of ethical issues in arbitration.


In this last capacity, Attorney Patrice Mouchon participated in numerous colloquia in different Arab countries.


Every year he presides and animates the colloquium of the Mediation and Arbitration centre of the French-Arab Chamber of Commerce in Paris.